The polka king of the Midwest has made his way to Texas!

That's right, Gus Polinski, polka king of the Midwest and leader of the Kenosha Kickers is now here in Texas- well, at least in beer form thanks to 903 Brewers!

Uniquely brewed in Sherman, Texas, the polka king is a cinnamon spice ale- perfect for the holidays!

If you're not quite sure what or who Gus Polinski, the polka king of the Midwest is he is a fictional character portrayed by John Candy in the 1990 holiday classic "Home Alone". He has such a small role but it's very memorable and one of my favorites!

Every now and then I catch myself singing "polka, polka, polka" and I'm reminded of how hilarious John Candy was in that scene!

903 Brewers has the Polka King of the Midwest ale available in their taproom, unfortunately, shipping is not an option right now. Which is outrageous because did you know that in Texas wineries have been able to legally ship to consumers, including those out of state, since 2005? But Texas craft breweries can't?

However, a new law in Texas was filed that will propose to legalize direct consumer shipping and delivery from Texas breweries. Meaning, that craft beer you love so much could be delivered straight to you in your home. And Texas actor Jensen Ackles is leading the way on this legislation! You can read all about that here.

So, while you can't get the Polka King of the Midwest delivered to you, you can always hit up 903 Brewers in Sherman and maybe sing a bit of "Polka, Polka, Polka" out loud.

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