Coming from El Paso, Texas, I know where the best burritos are. The biggest burrito however is way across Texas, near the Louisiana border.

100 miles from Houston, which is about 750 miles from El Paso, sits the small town of Orange, Texas with a population of about 35K.

Small town, BIG burrito.

According to the city website, Orange is ...

... located in one of the most promising industrial areas on the fast-growing Gulf Coast. Area industries include petrochemical products, steel fabrication, shipbuilding, rubber products, paper products, and plastics. -

They also make a big damn burrito at a place called Tacos La Shula.

This beefy, cheesy beast weighs in at 10 pounds and comes with 2 pounds of rice, 2 pounds of beans, 2 pounds of beef, 8 big azz tortillas and 3 jalapeños.

Watch 'em make one ...

That's a serious burrito.

Similar to the 72oz Steak Challenge at the Big Texan Steakhouse in Amarillo, if you can polish this sucker off in an hour, (this lady did it in 10 freakin' minutes), you get it free.

Plus, you'll get a t shirt and your name goes on their wall of champions.

If you can't pull it off, you're out $50.

This guy did it in about 42 minutes but didn't eat his jalapenos.

Which, apparently, was a deal breaker that cost him the "win".

Somehow, this sounds doable. I may be skinny but trust me I can put some food away.

I don't know about driving 11 hours across Texas for a burrito but, if I ever do find myself in Orange, (which is pretty much never going to happen), I'll totally give this a shot.

God help whoever has to ride in the car back with me though...

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