If you're a bartender or a cocktail server you should be careful and be advised when you're serving alcohol and to who. It's been a year that I have working at my side gig on the weekends and this recent news story scared me. A co-worker told me about a bartender in Plano, Texas who is facing some serious charges. Lindsey Glass was responsible for serving an insane person who was already intoxicated and later shot and killed 8 people. If anything I believe Lindsey Glass should only be held accountable for continuing to serve Spencer Hight. Spencer Hight is the man who shot and killed 8 people that included his estranged wife. He was paying a visit to the bar just before he committed this gruesome crime. Lindsey Glass's biggest mistake was to not abide by TABC's law that is part of the holiest grail rules of bartending. She tried doing something by confronting her manager who instructed her not to call the police. As it is people take offense when you try and cut them off from drinking. Plus, it's not like you can tell a paying customer that they look insane to you.

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