If you got some seeds in the mail from China that you did not order, the Texas Agricultural Commissioner is warning you not to plant them.

I don't know how common it is for people to order seeds from China on purpose but, all over the United States people have been receiving unwanted seeds in packages that are labeled as jewelry.  Now, the official word from the Texas Department of Agricultural .. in a statement from Commissioner Sid Miller ... is a warning to Texans not to plant these seeds as they may be invasive or otherwise harmful species that could upset the natural balance.

According to KFOX 14:

“I am urging folks to take this matter seriously,” Commissioner Miller said. “An invasive plant species might not sound threatening, but these small invaders could destroy Texas agriculture. TDA has been working closely with USDA to analyze these unknown seeds so we can protect Texas residents.”

If you received one of these seed packets, you are asked to report it by sending an email to this address: SITC.Mail@aphis.usda.gov.

Non-native plants and animals have wrecked the state of Texas and many are now illegal to possess and/or import.  Texas actually forbids all kinds of things from being brought into the state, some along the lines of invasive species and non - native animals but, also many common items like alcohol and household pets. (Yep, even some dogs are excluded.)

If you have plenty of time .. and a dictionary ... you can read the complete rules here.



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