Every single state that shares a border with Texas has marijuana laws that are less restrictive than the Lone Star State. New Mexico, for instance, has legalized medical marijuana for New Mexico residents only.

But some Texans had found a loophole. That loophole has, at least for now, been closed. Up until just a few days ago, New Mexico would allow “reciprocal” prescriptions from states that also have medical marijuana policies. Here’s the loophole that some Texans had been using:

A.) Get a medical marijuana card from California. You didn’t need to go all the way to Cali, either. You could consult with a “medical professional” over the phone, pay a fee and in a week you’re California pot card would come in the mail.

B.) Using the California card, you then go to a dispensary in New Mexico.

C.) Purchase and consume marijuana products, easy-peasy.

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One Texas resident I spoke to said he was, “majorly bummed” when he went to a dispensary in Sunland Park, New Mexico only to be told “reciprocal marijuana prescriptions would now only be filled if you had a driver’s license from the same state that issued the medical card”. In other words, if you’re a Texan using a California card, you have to also have a California driver’s license to buy the product.

“This sucks, dude”, said my unnamed source. “I don’t even have my dealer’s number on my phone anymore, bro.”

On the Buzz Adams Morning Show today, Colt DeMorris (a spokesman for NORML) told us that most, but not all, New Mexico dispensaries would follow the new policy. He also pointed out that New Mexico marijuana policy is still being hammered out in Santa Fe. Some of the possible outcomes could be a fully recreational policy, similar to what Colorado has.

It’s unclear if such a policy would allow for purchase by out-of-state consumers.

Worst case scenario: the Colorado state line is still only a 7 hour drive from El Paso.


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