Election week was quite a stressful time for many, well it's still ongoing for many. To relieve that stress, many took to the comfort of PornHub. No judgement, no shame, masturbation is a great way to relieve stress. Because election day- and what later turned into election week- was highly stressful it should come as no surprise that PornHub saw a lot of action that week.

Now, PornHub is releasing some information on what American's were looking up to relieve some of that election day stress. PornHub Analytics released the most searched for term on their site according to state. Some states were tame in their searches- like Iowa searched most for "yoga pants". While all eyes were on Georgia to see who would get the final vote- many Georgians were looking up "tickling". If you're wondering what many in the Lone Star state were looking up it's a term that I'm not entirely familiar with: SEXMEX. I'm going to have to assume that it has something to do with Mexicans and sex?

Of course, because it was election day, many were proud to have exercised their right to vote and decided to take that pride with their searches; Florida's most searched for term was "Trump", Delaware searched mainly for "election" and "vote" saw the most action in D.C.

Of course, video games played a big role in searches as New Mexico searched for "Fort Nite", and Kentucky searched for "Among Us". Louisiana really loves their chicken because their most searched for term was "Popeyes". I'm more concerned about what's going on in Oregon that their most searched for term was "succubus". You can check out the entire list of most searched for terms by clicking here.

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