Did you know that June is national candy month? Well, it is! Happy national candy month! Which means if you have a sweet tooth, this month is a perfect excuse to hold off on that diet. Everyone loves candy, even I do and I'm not a sweets person (chips is where it's at for me).

In honor of national candy month, the folks over at the Daily Meal reached out to the most popular online candy store, Candystore.com, to find out which candy each state likes the best. While it was no surprise that the state favorite was going to be a chocolate, the kind of chocolate has me surprised. Apparently, Texas' favorite candy is M&M's. The picture provided over on the Daily Meal has a picture of the peanut M&M's but it doesn't actually say which M&M's were the most popular!

I shouldn't be so surprised, though. The candy bar that I thought would be the winner in Texas was a Snikers; but when I think about it, M&M's are pretty great. They're such a crowd pleaser, and the fact that they come in lots of different flavors is what I'm sure boosted it to be the Texas favorite. Think about it, when you get a trail mix, what are you most happy to get in it? The M&M's! M&M's also has their own gigantic store in Las Vegas (which if you've never been, you should totally go to!) where you can discover and customize your very own M&M's. Whether it's peanuts, peanut butter, pretzel, crispy or even just plain M&M's, I think we can all agree that M&M's definitely deserves the top honor.

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