To cope with the quarantine, many people did what they could to keep themselves entertained, this included: downloading TikTok, playing "Animal Crossing" and suddenly everyone was cooking and baking! Surely you've noticed lots of your friends unleashing their banana bread recipes or videos and pictures. You weren't going crazy, Google trends can confirm that banana bread has become the unofficial quarantine food.

Google is now spilling the tea on what recipes each state is searching for while in quarantine. While Whataburger is still open, many Texans are looking up hamburger meat recipes. We're not alone though, Arkansas, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Michigan, Missouri, Nebraska, Ohio, Oklahoma and West Virginia are also looking up hamburger meat recipes. Our neighbors over in New Mexico are looking up tortilla recipes, which would have been perfect for taco Tuesday!

Hamburger recipes are the most searched for among the 50 states. Other most searched for recipes are: cinnamon rolls and bread. Bread seems like it will be the next social media trend based on all the bread videos I'm seeing on TikTok! Of course, among all these recipes, banana bread still dominates the search engine.

Two drink recipes did make the list; Arizona is searching for lemonade recipes and, unsurprisingly, Florida is looking up margarita recipes. While it may not be the same as going to your favorite burger place, looking at you, Orange Cow Burgers, the internet is full of hamburger recipes. You can check out some unique hamburger recipes, as well as the entire list of what recipe each state is looking up by clicking here.

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