It is hilarious to see the difference between a soap opera and a telenovela. A soap opera will be a little dramatic over a certain situation while a telenovela will blow it up. The difference between a soap opera and a telenovela is the way they portray certain scenes. Plus, the telenovela above is the kind of dramatic show that keeps you on the edge of your seat. You know someone is a good actress when she can get you to HATE her. The storyline from the telenovela above is something that our women relatives love to see. Telenovelas can pull anyone in especially if you love drama and outrageous outcomes. Sometimes happy endings don't exist and this kind of story shows just that. Which type of show have you been dragged to watch with certain relatives? Did you have to wait almost for forever to hear certain news in a soap opera? Or instead, see all kinds of hell break loose in the first 5 minutes in a telenovela? Place your vote on what you didn't mind being forced to watch down below!

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