Talking about crushes and eating way too much junk food is what I used to do at my grade school sleepovers. These days teen girls are getting their heads stuck in Barney mascot heads.

What was suppose to be a funny prank turned into an awkward emergency for 15-year-old Darby Risner. She found an old Barney head in her friend's closet and decided to scare her friends when they returned to the bedroom.

Unfortunately, her friend's didn't even flinch at Risner's prank and continued to enjoy the sleepover. Instead of taking the head off Risner decided to rock the it around the house while the sleepover festivities continued, but that lead to her head being trapped in the purple dinosaur's head.

About 15 minutes after her prank attempt, the Barney head managed to slide down to her elbows. Of course, her friends attempted to help her but had to post it all on social media first.

A snapchat story documented the emancipation of Risner's head from Barney's.The local firemen did manage to free Risner but only after they uncontrollably laughed at the situation.

With just a few cuts to the entry point of the head, the Barney head loosened up. Risner was freed from the head with only a few bruises on her arm and an extremely sweaty head.

Of course, Risner as Barney is now a internet celebrity by being turned into tons of memes and even has her own campaign to be on the Ellen show. We can only see what fame the Barney head brings for Risner. Maybe her and Chewbacca mom can start a internet celebrity club.