Normally, a full on green chicken enchilada dinner may not spring to mind when you're considering your breakfast options.  I've never gone that route anyway, until today!

KLAQ is getting ready for the 2012 Taste Of El Paso, November 14th and 15th at the El Paso Convention Center. 15 of El Pasos best restaurants are participating plus your ticket gets you 15 craft beer and wine tastings.  Two outstanding bakeries are in this year also!  We're warming everyone up for it by visiting some of the participating restaurants and having them drop by our studios.

Carnitas Queretaro will be there this year and I couldn't wait to have some ... so I went to them!  I hit them up this morning thinking; "Dubba G, it's 10am.  You just got up.  How are you going to get an entire green chicken enchilada dinner down when you're still tasting toothpaste"?  Well, I did!  And it was awesome!

I went to the Carnitas Queretaro at 4001 N. Mesa, a bit north of the Mesa and Sun Bowl intersection. Carlos met us at the door and we got down to business.  Yes, they are open and ready to rock that early!

The restaurant is very nice, spacious and features a full bar!  There are a couple of nice flat screens also in case you want to watch a game while you wait or as you down  a cold one!

They made green chicken enchiladas and red mole sauce enchiladas, both of which they will be serving at Taste of El Paso!  The presentation was awesome. Three enchiladas, with pico and a touch of sour cream.  It looked almost too good to eat!

See for yourself!

Didn't stop me though, I tore them UP!  The green sauce is incredible, very flavorful with just a hint of spice. The chicken was perfectly done, no dryness at all, and the tortillas were PERFECT!  Freshly made, fluffy, soft and tasty!  In fact, Carnitas Queretaro make all their tortillas fresh and from scratch.  When you order them, not a moment before.  The tortillas you get are literally about a minute old!

They offer plenty of sides and add-ons, all fresh and tasty, but these enchiladas didn't need a thing!

The chef hung out with us for awhile and while we talked, I watched the rest of the staff taking care of other customers.  They treat you like a guest at Carnitas Queretaro, not a customer.  You will be treated warmly, made very comfortable and the memory will be with you for awhile!  It's absolutely a great place for a date with it's warm and cozy ambiance!
Enjoy the exquisite food for yourself November 14th and 15th at Taste of El Paso!
Then visit 1 of their 4 El Paso locations with your family, your honey or your buds for the rest of the Carnitas Queretaro expeience!!