It's almost time for the Taste of El Paso, and it's going to make the food lover in you so happy!  Today, I got to preview the food that Phó Tre Bien will be serving at the Taste of El Paso, and it's amazing!  When I saw this restaurant on the list, I jumped at the chance to come eat here again.

They're serving a few things that got me really excited.  First off, of course, their amazing phó, which is a fantastic Vietnamese soup dish, which you'll be able to try with either chicken or brisket.  The restaurant is named perfectly, since this is a great dish that you'll want more of.  They'll also be serving skewers of beef and chicken, and these might be the best skewers I've had!  Even Lauren the Digital Queen loves them, and she's not a big meat eater!

Brisket Pho and Beef Skewer
Brisket Phó with beef skewer.
Chicken Pho and chicken skewer
Chicken Phó and chicken skewer
Pho Tre Bien Skewers
Beef, Pork and Chicken skewers
Pho add-ins
You can add a lot of things to your Phó
Chicken Pho
Getting my chicken Phó just right

You can try these amazing dishes this year, along with many others, at the Taste of El Paso!  Tickets are on sale now for the November 13 and 14th event.

  • 6946 Gateway Blvd East
  • 915.598.0166
Pho Tre Bien Waterfalls
You can even enjoy your meal by the amazing waterfalls and Koi ponds.

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