In this radio interview you can hear the cat claws coming out while Jenny McCarthy is interviewing Tara Reid! Jenny McCarthy happened to stray from Sharknado 4 and take it back to Tara Reid's plastic surgery days and Tara was not having it.

In the beginning of the interview, Jenny right away complimented Tara on the reality show Marriage Boot Camp. You can hear it in Tara's voice that she was getting annoyed and wanted to just remain on the subject of Sharknado 4. You can also sense that Tara was straying away from the interview because Jenny had to call out to Tara. Jenny hopped on the topic of fitness with Tara, then decided to discuss (plastic surgery) which is STILL a touchy subject for Tara. After being confronted, Tara reminds Jenny that she has gone over that a hundred times and Jenny becomes frustrated with Tara and decides to be sarcastic that sends the interview into drama mode.

Check out these two ladies wish each other the best in the worst way possible!

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