SNL: Chris Hemsworth Loves a Chicken in Outer Space
It’s an SNL sketch premise so silly that it feels like it belongs in the early ’90s, not 2015. Taking place in the distant future, the scene asks us to believe that chickens have evolved to be more intelligent than humans and that a chicken could command a spaceship of human beings and…
The Ladies of SNL Share How To Get Busy During The Holidays
The lovely ladies of Saturday Night Live have created a song that describes the struggle of having sex, when your back home for the holidays, with your significant other. When the passion of getting it on hits you, your only option is to avoid the parents and do it in your childhood room.
IPhone 5 problems? Android is the Answer
Did you get suckered into buying the NEW all powerful IPhone5?
Shell out $199(if you were lucky)for 2 more years? Wait in line? Replace ALL your connectors for the "New and Inproved" smaller one?
Are you having problems? And complaining about it? This is…

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