Forget Kanye West, Maya Rudolph has just owned all celebrities who have given commencement speeches to the graduating classes of 2015.

On May 16th, Rudolph delivered an inspiring commencement speech to the graduating class of Tulane University. As she finished her speech she decided to do a unique take on the tradition of the performing the National Anthem, right after the speech.

She didn't do a boring rendition like you see at the Super Bowl, or a weird version like Jamie Foxx at the Mayweather/Pacquio fight.  Oh no, she is way too funny to do something tradtion.

Rudolph performed the song in true diva form as she parodied different singing styles of famous divas, like Beyonce and Mariah. As an Saturday Night Live alumni, she nailed her performance. Now I say nailed the performance, not as in a touching performance, but as in a comedic performance. Her facial expressions are the best thing I've seen since Drake almost crying after kissing Madonna. If this commencement speech didn't motivate the graduates, they don't deserve to graduate.