osama bin laden

[LINK] Osama bin Laden Watched Porn! A LOT!!!
From "The Daily" today: part of that vast "treasure trove" of intel material and stuff that Navy SEAL Team 6 took away from Osama bin Laden's compound after they popped a cap in his ass was his extensive selection of PORN!
[PHOTO] We have Osama bin Laden’s Death Photo!
It's been the hot topic of discussion around the United States and the world. Even though the President doesn't want to release it doesn't mean we can't, though. Here it is, exclusively via Jimmy Kimmel Live! The Osama bin Laden death photo...(WARNING! It's graphic -- innard…
President Bush on Bin Laden??
While President Barack Obama was organizing a targeted operation to kill terrorist leader Osama bin Laden, it appears that former President George Bush was taking care of his own business in Texas - well, sort of.
In this hilarious video from Funny or Die, Will Ferrell reprises his Dubya impersonatio…
Did UCLA Nerds Know Where Osama bin Laden Was?
According to a story at sciencemag.org, a UCLA geography professor and his class of undergraduates did a study that has turned out to be very accurate, successfully predicting the general area where Osama bin Laden was hiding in plain sight. Their paper got published by the MIT International Review …

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