What kinda world would it be if we didn't have white trash around to make our lives feel so much better.

The Danville, Iowa bar has gottin into trouble for holding mouse races.

 Police raided the watering hole earlier this month after getting a tip people were betting on the critters racing. Owner Scott Beach isn’t exactly backing down from the claims, choosing instead to embrace it like a mouse does cheese. He said it was nothing more than family entertainment, adding, “It’s not like they are getting ate, if you’re a loser you die. Not like that at all.”

Beach says he had no idea they were breaking the law by gambling without a license and that it was just another way to have fun. Unfortunately for him, mouse racing and gambling is only the tip of the iceberg. Authorities claim trash and food covered in mold lines the basement. The lodge has also been cited with various health code violations and providing alcohol to minors.

When not breaking out a sweat by zipping as fast as they can for inebriated gamblers, the mice are kept as pets by Beach and his wife in aquariums.  Watch the racing.