After WWII it took filmmakers almost 20 years to find a schlocky way to exploit the death of Adolf Hitler (see: 1969′s ‘They Saved Hitler’s Brain‘). Osama bin Laden hasn’t been dead a full year yet but his terrorist-plotation film is already upon us. Enter “Osombie.”

Dumping the corpse of bin Laden at sea riled all the conspiracy nuts among us, but we aren’t sure if even the craziest of the conspiracy theories had the late Al-Qaeda leader returning from his watery grave as a blood-thirsty zombie, building a new undead Taliban with every flesh-eating bite.  But that’s the plot of ‘Osombie,’ a new indie horror movie.  And yes, it’s as ridiculous as it sounds.

The trailer for the film is below and the film, oddly enough, actually centers around a conspiracy theorist who is convinced bin Laden is still alive.  When he goes missing, it’s up to his yoga instructor brother (naturally!) to save him.  Poorly CGI’d head explosions ensue.

If you’re really ambitious (or just really a fan of zombified versions of tyrannical madmen), you can even donate to the film’s Kickstarter page and get an autographed glossy from the cast. Because nothing impresses the ladies more than a signed 8×10 from the cast of ‘Osombie.’

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