These guys are fighting for their right to party!!  Biff, of Saxon fame, wants Metal to be a religious experience.  Roger Tullgren of Sweden, fought a lengthy battle for official permission to dress as he wants and rock out when he wants. Work included ....... if he shows up!!   (I wanted the same thing myself. I just got a job in radio though. Saved me SOOOOOO much time!!)A swedish heavy metal fan set out to convince the Swedish government that his metal is mandatory!  An honest to goodness addiction and guess what??  He pulled it off!!!

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Read, re-read then RE-re-read the above story ... then get your boss, your lawyer and the Texas workforce commision together.  You know what to do!!

That story reminded me of another story I read a year or so ago about Biff Byford of Saxon lobbying to have Heavy Metal declared a religion.  Read about that at

No word on how that went, but I HOPE it passed.  (or passes) Think of all the holidays we'll get if America acknowledges that!  Metal day. Lemmy's birthday.  The death anniversaries of Cliff Burton and Dimebag.   

All of which will call for a "service' of course ... held at the metal bar of your choice!!

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