Whether you're looking through old photos or an old school yearbook your mind might revert back to an old crush.

Social media is a helpful outlet for reconnecting with friends from your past. Well, last year I received a friend request that totally caught me off guard. My forever ago sandbox crush from elementary and somewhat high school days requested me on Facebook.

After scrolling through some of his profile it dawned on me that something I had said about him turned out to be true. I had said he is going to be like another Rob Lowe who seems to age backward.

Sometimes some predictions we have made back then didn’t always happen the way we imagined. For some their crush doesn't exactly age like fine wine as the years go by. Remember that time you had said you could see your crush always having charming looks even in the old age stage? Or like the time you could picture your crush being crush-worthy again in the future.

Another crush I had when I was younger was on a celebrity named Jonathan Taylor Thomas. He was the middle child on Home Improvement and the voice for Simba on The Lion King.
I remember thinking JTT could win my heart all over again if I ever saw him return to television or the big screen.

In fact, he still even looks the same and doesn't show any major aging differences. In other words, my 7-year-old celebrity crush feelings back then never really retired since.

But as for my past crush from elementary days, he still seems to be the ladies favorite just like the old days. Now when you remember your ex-crush, do you still get butterflies or feel thankful they're an ex-crush now? Let me know if your past crush could still be crush-worthy in the poll below.

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