El Paso has got "beach" for days but, water is another matter. Still, one El Pasoan sees a future where we surf all day here.

Monica Riehl is a surfer and, now that she's back home in El Chuco, she wants to surf again. She wants everyone to so, her vision is to build an "arena" that peeps can surf anytime. We're not talking a kids wave pool here, these will be serious waves which Monica's place would, (potentially), provide consistently. Surf excursions wouldn't be screwed up by bad waves or weather! (And, no sharks!!)

Her dream arena, Southwest Surf Ranch, is based on a similar place opening next month in North Wales called Surf Snowdonia. Monica's place is a few years away but, could potentially be active by 2022. (In time to possibly provide a training area for 2022 olympic surfing team members.)

Three areas, with enough water availability and space have already been identified and two of them have already got the necessary infrastructure(s). You go Monica, doooo eeeeeet!!