El Paso Giving Day is October 21st but Early Giving begins October 14th and runs through October 20th. El Paso Giving Day was created in 2016 and since then, it's been a day El Pasoans come together to help show support for local charities who could really use your donation. 2020 was extremely difficult for non-profits due to the pandemic and 2021 was still a year of struggling for many local charities. Thankfully, the holiday season is a time many people open their hearts and wallets and El Paso Giving Day brings awareness to kickstart these donations.

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The Paso del Norte Community Foundation created El Paso Giving Day to "ignite the spirit of giving to support causes in the community where we live, work, and play." Over 200 different nonprofits have benefitted from the millions of dollars that have been raised. Thousands of people have participated and donated and this year they want to raise even more money for charities in need. Whether it be on the actual October 21st Giving Day, or during Early Giving, there is plenty of time for you to pick the charity, or charities of choice.

There are plenty of special prizes that will be awarded to various charities during Early Giving and on Giving Day like:

  • Surpass The Past
  • Matching Funds
  • First Donation
  • Early Giving Champions
  • Various Power Hours
  • Various Philanthropic Photos
  • and more!

To donate through Early Giving Week or on El Paso Giving Day, you can visit the El Paso Giving Day website and find the organization of your choice. Donors can also mail or drop off donations at the Paso del Norte Community Foundation, located at 221 North Kansas Street, Suite 1900 in El Paso. The office is open Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

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