When shopping this holiday season, instead of material gifts, try a new experience your loved one can enjoy. Thanksgiving is only a week away and people are already stressing thinking about the Christmas gifts they still need to buy. Plenty of stores have a limited stock which could make buying presents even more difficult than before.

Instead of stressing over tangible gift options, why not support a local business owner and try gifting experiences to your loved ones? There are plenty of locally-owned small businesses that have different activities you can enjoy with someone, or let them do by themself. Christmas experiences are also better because they'll allow people to get out and try something that maybe they've never done before. Plus, many activities can involve fitness and could inspire someone you love to take up a new, healthy hobby. All the activities and businesses listed below are locally-owned and operated so you can feel good supporting them. Your gift receiver will be given something even better than your store-bought candle, book, or other trinkets- an experience they will remember thanks to you.

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Support Local Businesses and Buy Christmas Experiences This Year

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