Just because your team may not be the Green Bay Packers doesn't mean you can't support local. What ties El Paso to the Green Bay Packers is their Running Back player #33, Aaron Jones. So supporting local would be rooting and voting for Aaron Jones in the NFL's Pro Bowl Vote. Aaron Jones works so hard on the field that we're always bound to hear his name come up with the sports commentator. Well, all of Aaron Jones's hard work made him a part of the Pro Bowl Vote on NFL.com. As much as you want to vote for your NFL team's running back instead you should support local. In fact, I cheated on my NFL team and voted for Aaron Jones just on the running back selection. Aaron Jones shows he is always about El Paso when he's in the middle of a football game. When he makes it to the end zone after scoring a touchdown he flashes the hand signals of 9 1 5. Which we all know 915 represents El Paso, Texas.

So there are 8 positions you have to pick for the offense side. Then for the defense side, you have 7 more to choose from. Then for special teams, you have Punters, Kicker, Long Snappers, Return Specialists, and Special Teamers. Aaron Jones is being recognized as the first player in Packers history for two touchdown runs he did that was over 75 yards in a season. Also, if the running back for your NFL team has been disappointing you lately just vote for Aaron Jones. It's the last week to place your votes for the Pro Bowl Vote before it comes to an end.

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