WTH is a "Machito" NO its Not  a Small Male Chauvinist

In all the years that I have eaten strange street food, I have never ever heard of a “Machito”.

This week , Its East El Paso.!!!

As I was driving down South on Zaragoza just passed I -10 with my Family. My wife notices this “Bus” looking thing , homemade speakers  pumping out badly recorded Mexican music ,smoke coming out from the top and the word “MACHITIOS” stenciled on a piece of  reused  billboard sign.

With that kind of advertising, I had to stop.

Ok my “non” Mexican friends and my Texas Mexicans. According to my “Real” Mexicans family, a Machito is a baby male Goat or a Little Male Chauvinist. (Someone correct me if I’m wrong)

So, for this blog, we’ll say it’s a Goat!

In the Mexican Food world, it’s a mix of all sorts of stuff(Goat meat, tripe, beacon, onions and cilantro).Fried up in a “disco” (a wok kinda looking thing used in many Mexican outdoor cook outs), NOT a Disco as in Music!!!

Ok, enough of me trying to explain. I had a version (becauseEVERYONE has a DIFFERENT version) that had 2 kinds of “Meat”. According to Saul owner of “La Botan”, its’ goat meat and beef, fried together with a secret seasoning,onions and something else, Yeah , he said “SOMETHING  else”.

I paid $6.50 for an order of 5 , lard(?) fried mini corn tortillas topped with is concoction of meat , a side of avocado salsa , a side of a red  “HOT as HELL “ salsa  ,few slices of radishes ,cilantro, diced  onions,few slices of lime and a coke .

To My surprise, IT was good!  Tasted just like regular meat. No gamey taste, as goat sometimes tastes ,seasoned just right .Tortillas had a little crunch. Salsas were just a bit watery, but a good complement.

From a scale of 10 a solid 7.

Check them out on your next adventure to Tinsel Town East, forget those fancy, sit down, climate controlled, overpriced microwaved food places. Be adventurous try the “Machitos” at  "La Botana Taco Wagon", a few blocks south of I-10 @ Zaragoza during your next weekend out.

Let  me know if you know of a good place to check out  some great "Street Food"  SuperMario@klaq.com
The views and opinions are solely mine and not that of KLAQ Radio or Townsqure Media, because I was the one that tasted them, they Didn’t!!!