Call it what you want … A Mobile Kitchen , Patty Wagon , Roach Coach ,Chuck Wagon , Vomit Comet , whatever you may call it … It Serves Street Food!!
Step out of one of your favorite watering holes and you are bound to find one near . The cure for the bar buzz or the hangover... you decide .

I’m a Big Food Junkie ….and a Beer Junkie and a Music Junkie … but that’s a different blog, so why not write about FOOD !!! Every week I will try to introduce you to a place that I have been too and enjoyed … So Good Eating and Enjoy...Cheers!!

This week … Its my little Town of Horizon City. To a place that calls itself “El Rico Taco” this tow from behind trailer serves some Pretty Good Tacos … I had the Bistec with a cold Apple drink ( manzana soda )… for the total price of $7.00 It was a after drink meal …. 8 out of 10 !!
Check it out for yourself at the corner of Darrington and Eastlake on Saturdays after 8pm

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