Howdy!  Double G here, all kinds of excitement this weekend in Anaheim as the Supercross 2011 season kicked off!  The riders did NOT disappoint.  Some "friendly shoving" between Tedesco and Stewart, guys coming back from injuries and a couple of upsets.

All in the FIRST race of the year!  Hold on guys, it's going to be a wild season!! 

Here is the transcript from my Motorcycle Monday update earlier today to get you caught up.

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Helluva start to this weekend in Anaheim with roughly 60 second lap times and 3 greats on the podium:

Villapoto, Dungey (the guy I think is the one to watch this year) and Stewart.

Stewart not having the best day, at first way deep in the pack but he's still the fastest guy out there. He battles all the way back for a 3rd place finish. Even after banging bars alittle with Tedesco (who winds up 7th) Tedesco actually taking a deliberate shot at Stewart, but hey, Ivan ... see what you get??

If that race had agone another 5 laps or so, I believe Stewart may have taken the win.

Great racing all around and the top 3 add up to Villpoto in first (nice!!)  Dungey, then Stewart. Points wise, obviousley, that's how it stands.

In the Lites, a clean sweep for Pro Circuit Kawasaki.  The podiums' all green this week!

Tyla Rattray in third, Broc Tickle second and the son of a former supercross champ takes first ... Josh Hansen!  Another great story .. Josh startted aout a little rowdy, undisiplined, kinda thought Daddys name was gonna get him I think, but he was wrong. A few hard knocks, lots of practice and they have him all dialed in now. The guy to watch I think in Lites!

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There, done .. we're out .. 955, KLAQ rocks!!