95-5 KLAQ! Here it comes … Motorcycle Monday!!

Brought to us by Santa Teresa Motorsports! Located in the upper valley; off Country Club Rd, just past the Rio Grande. This Thursday, Santa Teresa invites you to “Bike Night” … 6:30 Thursday evening at Robadoos off Country Club! Games, contests and food!! For more info, call Santa Teresa Motorsports at (575) 589-4980

Let’s do it … This weekend, Supercross rocked the home of the Indianapolis Colts .. and site of Superbowl 2012 if a strike doesn’t jack everything up.

Not a lot of drama this weekend, just good clean racing!! Lap times running about 58 seconds .. that was the record one for the day anyway and an awesome track there in the home of the Colt-ies! In the Lites, Sipes brings in the gold for his first ever Supercross win!! Justin Barcia takes second and Blake Baggett gets 3rd! Getting around Baggett isn’t easy so hats, .. errrr herlmets .. off to to Sipes and Barcia!! Points wise, it is now Barcia out front with 91, Baggett in 2nd with 85 and Sipes in 3rd .. 79.


Stewart is starting to listen to me I guess!! He ran hard this weekend, but smart!! In the main, Reed gets the hole shot and builds quite a lead; but Villopoto ain’t having it. Nope, he says, “this is mine”!! Halfway through, Villopoto has the lead with Dungey and Reed battling for second. Just before the finish line jump though, Dungeys down!! His front tire bumped Reeds rear tire. Reed stays up and gets hold of second place, Bubba James comes around to take .. and actually hold onto .. 3rd and Dungey comes up in 4th. That there Dungey boys quick, I’ll tell you what! Faster at getting back on board a downed bike that is ……. wayyyy quicker than Stewart!!

V is for victory! At the end of the day, it’s Villopoto with the win, (his 5th this season!!) and he’s now the series points leader!! Nice! Bubba gets second, Reed takes 3rd and Dungey manages a hard won 4th.

Points wise, Villopoto is running off with it. He’s at 221, Stewart holds second (another “Stewart-ism” this week could have really hurt him) at 195 and Reed is sitting in 3rd with 192. That’s a little close there James .. you getting that feeling you’re being watched? Or stalked should I say??

 Locally, the Rough Riders Run went well, thanks to all who came out for that one .. next weekend; we’re at it again!! Tune in Thursday and Friday to see whats happening locally this week!! 

Also this weekend, I spent Saturday and Sunday at TACTICAL RANCH! Not much Motorcycl-ey there, but a cool place! I’ve always been a pretty good shot, but after this weekend I am muuuuuch better. It is a great defensive shooting course I highly recommend to everyone. Young, old .. male, female. If you’re new to shooting this is just what you need .. if you’ve been shooting awhile (like me!) you’ll be amazed at the improvements they’ll help you make! Check ‘em out on Facebook here: http://on.fb.me/cSihES

There it went .. the fastest couple of minutes in radio .. Motorcycle Monday! Brought to you by Santa Teresa Motorsports and 95-5, KLAQ!!