Police are still investigating the confrontation that ended with a University of New Mexico student dead and an NMSU student-athlete in the hospital with a gunshot wound.

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Albuquerque and New Mexico state police believe the deadly incident that happened in the early morning hours Saturday is connected to a fist fight between NMSU fans and New Mexico fans at the bedlam game in Las Cruces last month.

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Here is the video of that fight.

NMSU basketball player Mike Peake, the Aggies starting forward, and New Mexico student Brandon Travis was involved in that fight back in October.

According to court documents, Travis and two other men conspired to lure Peake to the New Mexico campus. The motivation: is to get revenge for that fight in the above video.

Scott Rodgerson, Unsplash
Scott Rodgerson, Unsplash

Reports also say that the three men enlisted the aid of a 17-year-old woman to lure Peake. Peake is reported to have taken an Uber to the UNM campus where he was attacked by the three men.

Court records show that Peake was struck with a baseball bat. It was then, according to one of the assailants who survived, that Peake pulled a gun from his waistband and exchanged fire with Brandon. A bullet from Peake’s gun struck Travis in the head, killing him. Peake was struck in the leg by a shot fired from Travis’s gun.

The man who said Peake fired first is Jonathan Smith, who has been arrested for his part in the deadly confrontation.

NMS U's Peake, who has been in an Albuquerque hospital since the shooting, told investigators that Travis fired the first shot.  The 17-year-old woman has also been arrested but, so far, the other man involved has not.

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Investigations are continuing. The NMSU Aggies basketball team will be traveling this week to the Las Vegas Invitational tournament. Their first game is Friday against San Diego.

The Aggies will face the UTEP Miners next Wednesday, November 30th, at the Pan Am Center.

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