If you're going to run from the police, make sure you have plenty of gas. (You might also want to make sure you've actually broken the law first too.)

Sunland Park Police chased Alberto Duron after he was accused of kidnapping and car theft. Duron made it from Lura Street in Sunland Park to Mcnutt before he was spotted by the cops. He got as far as Artcraft before running out of gas.

Here's the kicker! According to the El Paso Times: he didn't steal the car OR kidnap anyone:

During their investigation, officers learned that Duron did not kidnap anyone or steal a vehicle, officials said. The incident reported to police was actually a domestic abuse call. The neighbor who originally reported the incident told Sunland Park emergency dispatchers that it “appeared to be something out of the ordinary” and decided to call 911.

Police now want to charge him with "aggravated fleeing" and "battery on a household member". Some days, you're just better off staying in bed huh?

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