Tune in Sunday night for the best new rock and some great local rock on Q Connected.

This week, listen for the new track from Sons Of Silver! (My favorite new addition for this week, you can listen to it now via the official video they did for it up above!) You will also hear the latest songs from Pop Evil, Biffy ClyroIn This MomentBring Me The HorizonMotionless In White and Aranda just to name a few. 

We'll catch up on rock news as well. Listen for details on how Guns and Roses are raising money for crew members, roadies and other touring personnel forced out of work by the COVID 19 pandemic, find out what Corey Taylor has been up to lately and more.

Plus, as always, great local rock from Local Locos like Shadow Valley, The Grave Aesthetic, Texas GigantismKing Octopus and more! (As usual, Local Locos close out the show and this week, it will be one of those 4.) Do you have a local band for Q Connected? Let Dubba G know by calling (915) 544-9550 or email ggarza@klaq.com. For the record, “local band” means:

  • The band lives within 200 miles of El Paso.
  • The band regularly plays live shows within 100 miles of El Paso.
  • The band must submit an original, (properly recorded and mixed please), rock song and/or video.

NOTE:  Local band rules are, of course, flexible and always subject to change. If you have any questions, feel free to ask 'em here!

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