Tune in Sunday night at 10 p.m. for the best new and local rock, rock news and more during Q Connected, sponsored by The Rockhouse Bar & Grill!

Sunday night, catch the best new rock on Q Connected from artists like Badflower. (Check out their new video above!) Plus, new music from LiveThe Black MoodsLedger, (Skillet drummer Jen Ledger), Bad WolvesThrice and many more!

Along, of course, with Local Locos including Burning Sunday, Los Tristes, Brittney's Rage and others. All thanks to the Rockhouse Bar & Grill, where you can catch Fleshgod Apocalypse next Sunday!  (7/1/18)

Do you have a local band for Q Connected? Let Dubba G know via email (ggarza@klaq.com), or call him at (915) 544-9550. For the record, “local band” means:

  • The band lives within 200 miles of El Paso.
  • The band regularly plays live shows within 100 miles of El Paso.
  • The band submits an original, properly recorded and mixed, rock song or video.

NOTE:  Rules are flexible and subject to change. If you have questions, ask here!

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