Just a drive away from El Paso is Ski Cloudcroft, who, usually has skiing in the winter, but this summer they're changing it up and introducing summer tubing.

That's right, it's tubing, but in the summer. Now, I've never been skiing, but I have certainly done some tubing in the snow and that hill at Ski Cloudcroft is hella fun.

Kostiantyn Il
Kostiantyn Il

But with temperatures rising and the snow completely gone, what else is there? Well, Ski Cloudcroft came up SUMMER.TUBING!

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I know what you may be thinking "how the heck are we going to be tubing without snow?!" Well, check out what Ski Cloudcroft has created!

How cool does that look?

According to Ski Cloudcroft, they hope to have it open by Memorial Day. Check out some pictures of their progress.

These last few days, Ski Cloudcroft has had fun teasing their new summer tubing, and people cannot wait to try this out!

Someone in the comments said now all they need is to add water! Can you imagine how much fun it would be to add some sprinklers maybe.

Along with the tubing, Ski Cloudcroft is bringing back Pizza Weekends! This summer you and your loved ones can beat the El Paso heat and check out some summer tubing and some pizza.

Cloudcroft is not a long drive from the Sun City, and we all know that it's much cooler there in the summer, so summer tubing is a great addition to your summer to-do list. To find out more, including hours of operation, follow Ski Cloudcroft on Facebook.

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