There are places to dine at that are pretty interesting due to the atmosphere and decor. Sometimes some of those places that seem like the cool spot to dine can cost quite a pretty penny.

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Especially when you are dining at a high-end restaurant with the family.

But there are also other places for those on a budget worth dining at.

For example, you know dining at the Reunion Tower in Dallas will cost quite a bit. But a date night at 470 feet high in the Reunion Tower may be worth the price.

If you're looking for somewhere cheap with adventurous vibes, McDonald's is it.

Just make sure it is the unique one that is not far at all from the Dallas zoo.

If Dallas is going to be part of your family destination for vacation the kids will appreciate this stop.

Now, this isn't any ordinary fast food joint you can eat at in Texas.

The kids will definitely respect you for taking them to a place they can eat with animals all around. As I said before, the fast-food joint is near the Dallas zoo with a jungle theme inside and outside.

Just by watching Escaping the Mouse's YouTube video above, you will see how gnarly McDonald's in Dallas is. So if you are planning on visiting Six Flags Over Texas this summer stop by this fast-food joint for cheap grub too.

Make sure to skip the fancy-schmancy dining spot and enjoy a fun laid back dining experience. I am sure after taking your kids they're going to wonder why El Paso doesn't have any like the one in Dallas.

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