You may love having a beard, or love a man with a beard, but it may be time for them to shave it. 

The news team at KOAT-TV in Albuquerque had some brave men allow them to swab their beard, to see what gets captured in all that face fur. The results were shocking, with many of the beards coming up being as dirty as toilets!

Microbiologist John Golobic of Quest Diagnostics swabbed a test group of men's beards to see what was in their beards. The results? Most of the beards contained normal bacteria in them, while some actually contained bacteria commonly found in poop. Geologic said that of the bacteria found in the beards, "those are the types you'd find in (fecal matter)." He also said that most of the bacteria found would  not lead to infection or illness, and advised men to thoroughly wash and clean their beards.

Now before we all start freaking out and telling men to start shaving their faces ASAP, here's a shocking truth: there's tons of poop bacteria. ALL OVER. On you, on the bench, on the doorknob, just basically everywhere. So for people to freak out over certain bacteria in a very small test group is a little crazy. The Washington Post went over what the bacteria found actually is (intestine bacteria, not strictly fecal bacteria). So even though you may have the most luscious, beautiful beard in the world, your face isn't swimming in poop. Unless you did something last night you're not proud of. And that's on you buddy.