Theory of a Deadman might be a busy band, out touring the United States right now but they still have time to help out. Check out this video of them visiting an animal shelter while on tour. 

Pets Get Rocked is an organization created by radio DJ Terri Carr, that has rock stars and New Jersey animal shelters working together to bring awareness to homeless pets. Each week, they highlight an organization, shelter or person who is helping to make a difference in the animal rescue world.

In this episode, Tyler Connolly and Dave Brenner from Theory of a Deadman stopped by the New Jersey animal shelter Sammy's Hope Animal Welfare and Adoption Center to meet some of the animals, learn their stories and even help clean some poop for the workers.

The guys discuss if they are dog or cat people, and even help brush kitties! Here's what Dave had to say about the experience:

We spend all our time with people, and that's sometimes quite terrible. So thanks for having us spend time with animals, who are way more honest than people."

Check out this video and see the guys learning about some of the dogs in this shelter and discusses their new album.