Not only in our memories but, also, within the bands archives!

Queensryche performed at the 2011 El Paso Downtown Street Festival in what turned out to be one of their last performances with Geoff Tate fronting the band. Geoff must have had a blast as a bunch of footage from the show wound up in the video for "Around The World".

The video shows the band wandering around all over the world, in and out of hotels and airports, etc. You also see several scenes from their El Paso Downtown Street Festival performance including them onstage, backstage and in the dressing room area below the Abraham Chavez Theater. EP's first "cameo" comes at :17, (apparently, we had a fire??), and there's a great crowd shot at :40. (I'm not certain but, I think that's San Jacinto Plaza at 2:26)

"Around The World" appears on the "Dedicated To Chaos" album.

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