Aaron Rodgers is definitely OOTGOATs. That is ONE of the Greatest of All Time players in the NFL. No doubt about that.

He’s one of the best ever, and not just at his position. But HBO’s Hard Knocks seems to be trying to neuro-linguistically program us to believe that Rodgers is THE Greatest.

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This is odd considering that Rodgers has made NO secret of his opinion of Hard Knocks.

Not an episode goes by that SOMEONE isn’t on camera referring to Aaron Rodgers as “The Goat”. I think it’s high time for a reminder of what “The G.O.A.T.” really means. Aaron Rodgers IS one of the greats. He’s just not THE Greatest of All Time.

He’s not even the GOAT in his position. The greatest quarterback and player of all time is Tom Brady. Without a doubt. There is NO question.

Brady has won the Super Bowl SEVEN TIMES! SEVEN!

Tom Brady has won more Lombardi Trophies than any other NFL FRANCHISE.

That number isn’t just a fluke. The next most Super Bowl rings belong to Charles Haley with 5. Haley was an outstanding outside linebacker and Hall of Famer who had the added good fortune of playing for the Cowboys and 49ers when they were taking turns winning, like, EVERY Super Bowl.

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New York Jets Introduce Quarterback Aaron Rodgers
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GOAT means “of ALL time”, not just “currently playing”. I hear players from many sports referring to multiple GOATS in their individual sports.

I guess someone could be the GOAT in their position. I’m sure someone is “The Greatest” right offensive guard of all time. But Rodgers played THE SAME POSITION as Tom Brady AT THE SAME ERA of the game.

We’re not buying it HBO. Aaron Rodgers IS great, just not the GOAT.

Who knows? Maybe Rodgers and the Jets will surprise everybody and run off 6 consecutive Super Bowl wins.

That would at least make it a debate worth having. Until that happens, knock it off Hard Knocks.

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