Stone Sour will be short one member when they get to El Paso ... and that's a good thing!

Stone Sour will play at Tricky Falls February 11th.  The show is still on but, guitarist Jim Root will NOT be coming.  I know ... that sucks ... but, if you're a Slipknot fan, you should actually be happy about it!

The reason Jim won't be here is because he will be busy working on a new Slipknot CD!!

Stone Sour dropped that bomb on their facebook page Tuesday with this post:

With an impending Slipknot album on the horizon, Jim will not be touring with Stone Sour this winter. Everyone involved is okay with the decision and our mutual friend Christian Martucci will be filling in on guitar. It was a difficult decision, but as the fans have wanted another Stone Sour tour and Jim had responsibilities to the writing process with Slipknot, we feel this is the best decision where everyone wins.

New Slipknot ... Stone Sour coming to El Paso ... Life is GOOD!

Tickets for the Stone Sour show will be available soon at Tricky Falls, All That Music, Marias Closet, Bowie Feathers, Eloise and

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