Yeah, photographic proof .... 'cuz we haven't heard any actual Slipknot music yet!

Slipknot have gotten 2014 off to a rocky start.  First came the good news that they would be working on new music for us.  Then came the bad news that Jim Root would have to bail on the Stone Sour tour to start work on it.  That was a push really, bad news for good news.  Then came the horrible news that drummer Joey Jordison was out.  (That announcement made worse by the fact that apparently, Joey had nothing to do with that decision.)

Now, I guess in a bid to reassure us all that Slipknot is chugging along nicely and Jim is indeed in the studio hard at work, comes this photo!  Clearly Jims arm ... and axe! ... hard at work in the studio.  Hopefully, there will be no more bad news for us maggots in 2014, only kick azz times and kick azz rock!

Photo from Instagram/Stuperbee