We've all done it once or twice. Or in some people's cases every time they walk out of a Whataburger. Those little Whataburger tents are the perfect accessory for a desk, even a car dashboard. In high school, I remember football players stealing the fast-food tents with their jersey numbers on them and keeping them at home. My brother had a #44 tent in his room he took.

While you would assume the act is frowned on by the company, Whataburger says they're actually cool with it. In an interview with Texas Monthly, the vice president of Marketing and Innovation Rich Scheffler says the company is aware that people take the tents home as a souvenir. And it's not a problem.

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The answer is a little shocking but he says it's all about the customers having a connection to their brand. And they're actually proud people are taking them. While it costs Whataburger about $200,000 a year to replace the stolen tents per Texas Monthly, they say it's worth it. And if you're one of those people who steal the tents it may be worth it to you too.

If you head over to the Ebay website, you'll see plenty of people selling their stolen merchandise on the site. Prices range from just under $4 all the way up to $40 for those hard-to-find numbers.

Look, if you really want a specific table tent number, there's an even easier way to get what you want. Head over to the Whataburger website and just buy one yourself. The company sells customized table tents you can purchase that say "Merry Christmas" graduation years and more. But if you really want those special numbers, keep checking online and happy hunting.

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