On Saturday afternoon, El Pasoans headed out to The Sandbox to join Jackass star and comedian Steve-O for his surprise sombrero party. Not only was the placed filled with sombreros but hula hoops, boogie boards, slip-n-slides and inflatable pools.

Unfortunately, I didn't get to make it out to the sombrero party, but many El Pasoans did and looked like they had an amazing time. Steve-O was documenting all the craziness going on at the event with his Snapchat. As he mentioned on the Buzz Adams and the KLAQ Morning, he was asking fans to come out for a chance to win some great prizes.

The Twitter video above shows one contest during the event where people had to surf their way down a garbage bag slip-n-slide. They also filmed some guys belly flopping into a tiny inflatable pool, and the last contest involved hula hooping and taking a football to the testicles.

After all the fun was over, Steve-O picked three winners and ended up awarding one guy $500 dollars on Sunday afternoon. Not sure what they had to do for it but they were in Steve-O's hotel room, chilling on his bed. Let your imaginations wander.

Anyway, hopefully we will see the whole event on his YouTube channel soon but I am so excited to see all the El Pasoans that were apart of the event! Way to show Steve-O some love and maybe he will end up filming his comedy special here.