Remember that time Steve-O came to El Paso last year in February and pulled off a crazy stunt? Besides his comedy show at the Comic Strip, he was willing to entertain his fans with some action instead of words.

Juan Alberto Flores was right in the middle of all the action and caught some great footage of the Sombrero Challenge with Steve-O. Steve-O of course was showing some El Paso spirit by wearing a sombrero on his head before getting wet. You will see a bunch of challenges Steve-O had accomplished all while wearing a big and heavy sombrero. Not only did Steve-O perform these dangerous stunts but some of the crowd did as well. Get your laugh on watching Steve-O and his fans attempting these sombrero challenges for fun.

If you missed out on this, you can catch a few clips of Steve-O doing what he does best and that's being a daredevil!

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