Anything you say can and will probably be used against you on a day like today. Shoot, I am not going to believe anything anyone tells me or tries to get me to do. If it weren't for writing this story I would have forgotten what today was. Plus, realized thanks to a co-worker who told me the internet was down but she wasn't tricking me. I am totally THAT person who loves to play jokes on family and friends. A McDonald's in Australia played a harsh joke about inventing a new burger for pickle lovers. It pretty much looks like a big mac but with stacks and stacks of pickles. Fox news reported how upset some customers were about the false advertisement. In a way, I feel for those disappointed pickle lovers feeling upset with McDonald's. That would be like Chico's Tacos posting about bringing back the fake cheese! Let us know if you're an annual victim or if you know better on a day like today below.

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