You know you've made it when you're the subject of one of Craigslist's "Missed Connections." And by made it, I do mean, a stranger has likely dedicated some hand lotion and tissues to thoughts of you. Fernie tipped me off that a Missed Connection was posted about me on the El Paso Craigslist page after Saturday night's Streetfest festivities.


Stephanie Missed Connection

The Missed Connection reads:

You were wearing a rectangular black-frame glasses, black tank-top, skirt with horizontal stripes, beautiful long legs, and long brown hair. Oh and you were also sporting a Burberry purse too. I saw you in the VIP section of the El Paso Street Fest tonight. You definitely caught my eye multiple times tonight. I was very impressed by you.

That is definitely a description of my outfit at Streetfest on Saturday. I was wearing  a black KLAQ tank top, a way-too short striped skirt that sent me pretty much to the Mexican border before the show to find something to wear beneath it to keep me decent when the El Paso wind blew, glasses and I WAS sporting a Burberry purse, as in I was using it as a soccer ball and kicking it out of frustration when Instagram crashed.

My reply:

Dear 30 m4w,


What you failed to mention is that I was running around madly, chasing people with a cowbell, had burrito sauce on my shirt and was croaking like a dying frog from losing my voice at Streetfest Friday night. Oh, and I was crawling around on my knees after losing my earring. Perhaps it's this position that attracted you?


If you were the big, burly mustached fellow with a mullet, call me. Maybe. Kisses!


-- Stephanie


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