I'm always on Craigslist looking for great deals. Apparently so are our listeners because Victor sent me this all the way from Dallas, TX. Victor also known as Chino listens to us via the Radio Pup mobile app.

The Craigslist ad starts off by talking about two Mexican restaurants in Erie, Pennsylvania that were raided and shut down because the owners got caught selling meth and heroin out of their restaurants called, El Toro and El Canelo.

The person who wrote the ad must really like Mexican food because he states the city will turn a blind eye if you want to traffic illegal narcotics out of your restaurants. This ad makes me want to leave the radio business for good and start-up a Mexican restaurant in Erie, PA.

'So the owners of the only two Mexican restaurants in Erie, Pennsylvania just got indicted by the feds for drug trafficking and money laundering. It turns out they were dealing meth and heroin out of the back. Who would have thunk it? The food was great, and the service was top notch. Anyway, I figure it's only a matter of time before the restaurants get RICO'd(that's American legal speak for "The DEA is taking their shit"), and I won't have anywhere to get a decent fajita anymore, not to mention there's about to be a whole lot of people jonesing for meth and heroin. That's where you come in. Now, these restaurants were packed to capacity every night for years, so there is definitely a market up here, and now there's nobody to satisfy it. I don't really know anything about the meth and heroin market, but I can't imagine that market is satisfied right now either. Additionally, this is Erie, Pennsylvania, not San Diego or El Paso, so if you're trying to save a buck here and there by making the food less authentic, we will never know the difference. We are gringos to the very core. More importantly, we are about to be so desperate for decent Mexican food that if you want to just use the restaurant as a front for your criminal enterprise like the last people, I assure you the entire town will turn a blind eye. So come (far)North and live out your dream of owning your own successful restaurant/drug trafficking empire! An opportunity like this just doesn't come around very often.'


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