You may want to reconsider the plans you made that consist of visiting the beaches along Corpus Christi. Yes, lately it seems like it has been one thing after another with bad news. The Texas Beach Watch warns people that it isn't a good idea to swim in waters with fecal bacteria. If you still choose to head out you're taking quite the health risk. You can catch a few infections such as bacterial, viral, and protozoan. Besides, you shouldn't even want to swim in dirty water in the first place. So if you had made plans to cool down at one of the 5 beaches between Cole and Ropes Parks, cancel that. Don't get me wrong you can still head in that direction just don't take one step into that water.

Also, Texas Beach Watch keeps you informed with their updates on the fecal matter situation. Since Governor Abbott's order to reopen Texas was when beaches regained large crowds. I have a few friends who have been taking mini road trips to visit the lakes near and far. When they go far sometimes they've hit up that area in Corpus Christi. You can see more on that issue over on USA Today.

There are a few places that are now open where you can cool off close by. So instead of heading far out why don't you just keep near and visit Elephant Butte. Or if you really want to stay close by visit Freddy the Frog's hood in Anthony at Wet N' Wild Waterworld. Those are a couple of places you can stay cool at that are enforcing social distancing rules for your safety.

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