J.J. Abrams recently said that the third Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer that debuted back on October 19 would be the last trailer we would see for the upcoming Star Wars film. Turns out, even J.J. Abrams is wrong sometimes. Today, a new Japanese Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer appeared online with lots of new footage and BB-8 fans are going to love this.

“Hope is not lost today. It is found.” Those are the words of Maz Kanata (Lupita Nyong’o) at the end of this international Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer, and it could also apply to the hordes of Star Wars fans who were hoping so desperately for some new footage before the film opens in theaters. This trailer more than brings that with a lot of new scenes and dialogue that we had previously never seen before. But…still no Luke.

Because this is playing to a Japanese audience, there is a lot of BB-8 including our first in-movie listen to dialogue (though it curiously sounds different than the sounds we’ve heard the BB-8 toys make) between BB-8 and Rey. We also get to see the introductions between Rey and Finn who meet for the first time.

And what would any Star Wars trailer be without Kylo Ren?


There’s another impressive shot of him firing up his crossblade lightsaber, and then another extension on a scene we’ve seen in previous trailers where Rey is in distress, only this time Kylo approaches from behind her and swings his lightsaber at her neck.

Speaking of Rey, we get a voiceover in the beginning of the trailer where she says “I know all about waiting…for my family,” which could be hinting at her surname and connection to some characters we might already know (though it does sounds like that dialogue was spliced together from two separate bits of conversation). It at the very least confirms that Rey was abandoned on Jakku and has spent a life alone, scavenging to get by.


Don’t f–- with Chewie:

Star Wars Force Awakens Chewie

Apropos of nothing, we just really love this shot of TIE fighters approaching Jakku, which is very reminiscent of a very similar shot from Apocalypse Now.


If that’s not enough, we also have the official international Star Wars: The Force Awakens poster for you:

Star Wars The Force Awakens international poster

If you’re curious, this is what the official description from Disney’s Japanese YouTube site says about the film when translated:

“Star Wars” first round of the A New trilogy, beautifully lonely heroine that continues to wait for the family, with a focus on Ray, a completely new over the Force “family love and the loss of the story of.” Cairo Wren villain is to manipulate the lightsaber of cross-shaped that world attention. Now, a new legend is born.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens opens in theaters on December 18.

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