In what may turn out to be one more giant hardship for 2016, troubling reports are coming in that Star Wars legend and all-around icon Carrie Fisher may be in critical condition. Fisher reportedly suffered a “massive” heart-attack aboard an airplane, and has been rushed to the hospital.

Per TMZ, few immediate details are known, though Fisher was reportedly on a flight from London to LAX when she went into cardiac arrest. An EMT aboard began administering CPR, and the flight landed 15 minutes after the incident began The 60-year-old Star Wars star was then rushed to a nearby hospital.

UPDATE 2: Fisher's brother has reportedly informed the Associated Press her condition is stable.

UPDATE: Paramedics reportedly worked on Fisher for fifteen minutes to recover a pulse, while she is now breathing on a ventilator at UCLA. TMZ also obtained audio of the emergency dispatch calls to LAX:

It also remains unclear exactly how long the situation will develop before either friends and family, or official personnel provide some kind of update on Fisher’s condition. The actress had reportedly been participating in a book tour as part of her travels.

Stay tune for the latest on Carrie Fisher’s condition, and pray for the best.

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