It should be an everyday thing but International Pay It Forward Day is tomorrow! Tomorrow we get to celebrate the good of humanity by paying it forward.

Tomorrow a total of 85 countries will come together to spread the love giving random acts of kindness. There are a lot of you who continue to STILL pay it forward outside of International Pay It Forward Day. There are so many ways for you to pay it forward that doesn't require money. If you can be the reason for putting a smile on someone's face is considered an act of kindness.

KLAQ has a whole lotta love for you and wants to participate in paying it forward tomorrow. We will be rewarding you with a family four-pack of tickets to the Thrifty Thursday game next week. We will be hanging around outside of the stadium until we find two winners. Below you will see the 3 tips to make you a winner at tomorrow's game.

  • Kevin Vargas
    Kevin Vargas

    My Location

    It won't be so hard to pinpoint exactly where I will be with your free tickets. I will be hanging out in the vicinity of where the clock tower is at Southwest University Park. In case you don't know where it's located near Durango Street.

  • Getty Images/Blend Images
    Getty Images/Blend Images

    What You Need To Do To Win

    Since International Pay It Forward Day tomorrow is all about spreading the love KLAQ wants you to show some love. Be sure you draw a heart symbol on the palm of your hand before heading to the game tomorrow. Then once you find me, show me your heart on your palm and you win!

  • Veronica Gonzalez
    Veronica Gonzalez

    Selfie With Me

    After arriving at Southwest University Park, once you spot me in the crowd rush over to me so we can take a selfie! I don't mind having a photo shoot with you if you're like me who retakes pictures until you're satisfied. After taking our picture together I will hand over YOUR Thrifty Thursday tickets to the El Paso Chihuahuas game!

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